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just a little bit obsessed
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Hello to all who happen to stumble upon my profile,

I'm your average girl from Finland who interests herself in cosplay, japanese/asian stuff, drawing, gaming and just being a goofball, at least until reality comes and kicks me in the head ^^;

I identify myself more a cosplayer lately, but it's not unheard-of to see a few drawings pop up once in a while. I'm more of a traditional artist, but I'd very much like to learn do something with the tablet that's been laying around nearly untouched for too long. We'll see what happens =)

I hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer, and thank you for all the support I've gotten so far! It's what keeps me going at this and makes my day :hug:


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Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?
Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?
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Wah?? No Kanda? ...Well, I guess I should've known. I love Kanda but in real life his personality wouldn't be one of his best traits ^^;

Attack On Titan Ability Evaluation
Attack On Titan Ability Evaluation
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I get Christa in every quiz I do...! And I don't even exactly like her that much >_< ...Wait, if I'm most like Christa and I don't like her, doesn't that mean I don't like how I am? O.o Uhh...
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Hello, long time no see~

Haven't submitted anything for a while, but just letting you know I'm still alive ^^; 

I won't go into details but just sum up the last few weeks by saying it's been hectic at times, lots of work but also got time to relax, so it's really not been that bad. Also, got my con year started last weekend at Desucon Frostbite, held in Lahti, Finland ^.^ It was a bit of a special case this time since the con had an age limit of 18, so you had to be of age to get in. It was a trial run to see how it would affect for example the panel attendance rate and the overall atmosphere, but for obvious reasons not everyone was overjoyed. There's been quite the commotion and deviation of opinions among the Finnish con-goers. I DO somewhat understand the claims thrown from either side, don't always agree, but I do understand. I find this situation a bit sad really... It won't do any good for the con scheme, that's for sure, and I'm afraid in worst case it'll deepen the gap between the age groups even further...

Anyhow, even with this looming cloud over the con I had a great time :heart: On Saturday I went as Star Wars/FF7 crossover version of Tseng of the Turks, with :icontarutar:, :iconlyzel: and :icongothmana: as my fellow companions on the Dark Side. The amount of fabric those 4 costumes consumed was enormous, as on :icongothmana:'s design we wore two layers of Kimono on top of each other, turtlenecks (except for Reno), Hakama pants and cloaks for the Sith Lords (myself and :iconlyzel:, who cosplayed as Rude. My God the amount of squealing from :icongothmana: the night before when we tried the make up on her @_@ ) Despite so many layers of clothing the costumes were quite comfortable and easy to move in, and it was so much fun when we went outside to duel with our lightsabers when it was dark, pics will most likely follow~

Sunday was quite different from the monochrome look from the previous day, as I went as Gareki from Karneval to cosplay with :iconanae-chan: as my cute, little, clueless Nai! :heart: I was really looking forward to wearing Gareki, firstly because I can't remember when making a cosplay was last so enjoyable, and secondly because the moment I wore the colors that'd make Gareki I felt so at home it was strange! When :iconanae-chan: first introduced me to Karneval I had no clue I was gonna grow to like Gareki as much as I do now, but I'm glad I did ^_^ The whole series just feels like a huge, sparkling, cheerful splash of color compared to what I'm usually drawn to, it's inspiring! I remember at first look thinking that a blue coat and red(dish) pants just can't work together, but ha! when making the costume I even added a green hued edging to the coat and somehow, miraculously, it just works. Same with the other (crazy) outfits in the series, at first you'll find yourself thinking how funny and bright it looks and the more you look the more you find yourself thinking of wanting to make the gaudy thing. At least, that's what happened to me. I already want to make the Rinoll version of Gareki so baaaad >3< Oh, and for the longest time I find myself shipping a new pairing! Yogi x Gareki is so cute :heart: Mostly cute, but funny, too. I love how Yogi's so expressive of his feelings while Gareki just tries his best to push him away (I'm sure deep down he's shy and just doesn't know how to deal with such open shows of affection, aww poor boy :heart:) Anyways, we got some nice pics together with :iconanae-chan: and I can't wait to get my hands on them, so pics will follow soon~

...I guess that's about it for now, it's really late and I should be in sleep by now (more like hours ago =D ), so G'night everyone!

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Hi! I'm glad you liked my Wild rose! :) Thank you!
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since you are from finland do you listen to nightwish? cuz i do
YamiAeris Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry, been kinda inactive lately... >_>

Weeeelll, kinda. I do like some of their songs, and listen to them occasionally on the radio. I was a bit more into them when I was younger, I even got one their CDs =)
tsumefan2 Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
ah good
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